Recently married and barely pregnant, I was home preparing to open my pediatric practice after just finishing residency. I was tired and overwhelmed. Mom was visiting and tending to one of my dying plants, when she said with a smile, “Susan, how can you take care of a patient if you can’t water a plant?” She’s a retired ER nurse and master gardener! I shrugged off her comment with a laugh, but over time, her words sank into my soul. 


Mom taught me a powerful analogy I use in my pediatric practice. Your body is like a plant that requires water, sunlight, nutrition, and motherly nurturing (love). 


You’re more than what you eat!


You are what you eat, absorb, and release. Getting nutrition into your cells and releasing toxins out of your body is vital for your health and happiness! I supplement with vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fats, antioxidants, herbs, and botanicals to protect against the harmful effects of stress and support my body’s cleansing process. (See Step 04)


Your mind eats, absorbs, and releases too!

Ideally, you soak up self-empowering thoughts (proper nutrition) and release self-limiting beliefs (junk food). (See Step 05) But it’s impossible to eat flawlessly and never have a limiting thought, right? 


Health requires motherly nurturing love – a spiritual connection.

Healing is messy and doesn’t happen alone. Healing occurs together. You don’t need a physically perfect vessel or bulletproof mindset to heal – all you need is curiosity, vulnerability, and a whole lot of faith. 


Mom always preached, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” She’s a warrior “power to the she” kind of woman. She’s not afraid of the fight, and above all trusts, God has a plan even in the deepest darkest scariest corners of our lives. 


  • How is your dis-ease growing you to take better care of your physical body and mind?
  • How is your dis-ease growing you to open your heart in scary and vulnerable ways?


Could it be that your dis-ease (or your child’s dis-ease) is happening for you, not to you?


Watering plants is still a struggle for me. I wish I could tell you I look at the thirsty plant and get it water. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. But, I’ve never forgotten Mom’s wise lesson:


Take care of yourself and take care of others. 


P.S. Is your child struggling? Don’t stay stuck. Learn how I help children achieve vibrant health naturally by adapting their diet and lifestyle to optimize their genetics. 


P.P.S. If you’re looking for a health and wellness tribe, join me in the Fit, Fun, & Free community and surround yourself with people who believe in YOU!  

About the Author: Dr. Sue McCreadie

Sue McCreadie, MD (aka Dr. Sue) is a board-certified pediatric physician and mom of three, with two decades of experience helping thousands of families achieve vibrant health naturally. In her pediatric practice, she helps children achieve health naturally by adapting their diet and lifestyle to optimize their genetics. Since transforming her health and wealth through a science-backed nutritional system, Dr. Sue helps other women and healthcare practitioners live their best life fit and financially free. She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her husband, Dave, and their three children, Kaitlin, Elle, and Addison. www.FitFemFree.com

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