When my youngest was about 3 years old, I was frustrated with my lack of progress after working out for a solid year to get my pre-baby body back. I went on an evening walk with my husband to rehash the “lack of progress” issue for what felt like the millionth time.  


In my search for answers, I found Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal trainer, and bought her 90-day at-home workout program. My husband and I were skeptical, but I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. And boy did it pay off!


I not only experienced jaw-dropping transformational results but learned the importance of consistently following a proven system with an experienced guide. The transformation felt incredible but unfortunately didn’t last. I tried reaping progress from repeating the same workouts but gradually my results slipped away.


I lacked motivation.


I hired my husband to push me through harder workouts, fired him when I didn’t get the results I desired, re-hired him, and then fired him again! Thankfully he’s humble and forgiving. Lesson learned: he’s not a personal fitness trainer with a proven system, he’s an engineer who takes exercise seriously.


So I hired a personal trainer and learned the power of fitness apps and measuring my results. She scheduled each workout into the app, I’d open the app, do the workout, record my progress, and then check off the workout once completed. Every workout I checked off felt like a win!!! Now I hire personal fitness trainers for less than $10 a month on BodyBuilding.com. These experienced guides push me through a proven system. Knowing they’ve helped others transform, fuels me to stick with the program so I can get results too. But…


Every time I workout, I don’t want to. If you’re pushing your limits, it’s painful. It’s emotionally and physically painFULL.


Here’s my formula to stay motivated during every workout:


  1. Follow a proven system with an experienced guide who pushes you to transform
  2. Anchor yourself in WHY you’re working out


You have to anchor yourself in WHY you want to transform. Without that, it’s game over. There’s no reason for you to push yourself. When resistance screams, “STOP,” you’ll stop. But if you lean into your WHY – mine is to be fit, fem and FREE –  your words will push you through every workout and in the process, you’ll transform.


Why are you working out? Does a word or two come to mind? Write those gems down and repeat them during every workout. And if you want to transform, consistently follow a proven system with an experienced guide.

P.S. If you need help transforming your health using a proven nutritional system with an experienced guide, schedule a free call with me. #WeAreInThisTogether


P.P.S. Have friends, family or colleagues who’d like to stay motivated during every workout? Forward this post. Maybe Step 3: Move is their best next step for health!

About the Author: Dr. Sue McCreadie

Sue McCreadie, MD (aka Dr. Sue) is a board-certified pediatric physician and mom of three, with two decades of experience helping thousands of families achieve vibrant health naturally. In her pediatric practice, she helps children achieve health naturally by adapting their diet and lifestyle to optimize their genetics. Since transforming her health and wealth through a science-backed nutritional system, Dr. Sue helps other women and healthcare practitioners live their best life fit and financially free. She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her husband, Dave, and their three children, Kaitlin, Elle, and Addison. www.FitFemFree.com

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