I’m always looking for ways to make dinner easier. I don’t enjoy cooking which makes me feel like a lackluster mama. As our daughters have grown up, one realized she loves crafting new creations in the kitchen as well as making our family favs.  


Yesterday, she turned on music and made a silly dance move which made me LAUGH, especially when I tried to mimic her. I love dancing. Lately, she’s giving me a taste of my own medicine by asking me to repeat after her: I enjoy cooking…I enjoy cooking…I enjoy cooking. Making dinner with her feels more effortless, and I came up with this 1-2 punch plan.  


Two Ways to Make Dinner Easier

  1. Stay Creative in the Kitchen
  2. Make Family Favorites 


Stay Creative in the Kitchen

Since I don’t get any enjoyment out of grocery shopping, meal planning, or prepping, our family quickly fell in love with the Green Chef healthy meal kit delivery service. The recipes are quick, with step-by-step instructions and photos so even the youngest can quickly help out. What’s surprising is how tasty these meals are, packed with flavors we haven’t tried recently or sometimes ever. 


Make Family Favorites 

In the past, we relied too heavily on family favorites, so mealtime became “not this again!” Now when we pull out a fall favorite like this quick Turkey and Bean Chili, we see smiles and hear “thank you!”


I’m not going to lie and tell you I love cooking, but last night making dinner I actually thought, “am I enjoying this?” When I was tossing pre-cut beets with roughly chopped red peppers drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper, there was a flash of this is fun! 


That my friend is a miracle, feels fantastic, and is a true testament I’m still growing!

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About the Author: Dr. Sue McCreadie

Sue McCreadie, MD (aka Dr. Sue) is a board-certified pediatric physician and mom of three, with two decades of experience helping thousands of families achieve vibrant health naturally. In her pediatric practice, she helps children achieve health naturally by adapting their diet and lifestyle to optimize their genetics. Since transforming her health and wealth through a science-backed nutritional system, Dr. Sue helps other women and healthcare practitioners live their best life fit and financially free. She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her husband, Dave, and their three children, Kaitlin, Elle, and Addison. www.FitFemFree.com

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